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About Flying RC Planes

Get an overview to the exciting world of radio controlled airplanes. Learn what models you can get, how to get started and shops where you can buy rc planes.

Model Types
How to Get Started
Buying RC Planes

Model Types

You can choose to buy an electric or gas powered model airplane. You can buy them as an unassembled kit, almost ready to fly (ARF) and ready to fly (RTF). It is recommended that beginners start with an electric powered RTF rc plane.

Electric rc planes are quiet and easy for a beginner to maintain. Simply charge the battery pack and you can fly for 10 - 20 minutes per battery charge.

Gas rc planes are noisier and use special hobby quality nitro fuel. These models are faster and slightly more complicated. Suitable for intermediate to advanced modelers.

Airplane kits come unassembled, and in some cases you would need to buy the radio control system, the motor and other accessories separately. If you are a beginner, the ARF or RTF models are recommended.

ARF means almost ready to fly. These are usually kits that come with all accessories needed, but would require some assembly. It may take 1 hour or more to get the model plane from the box to flying in the air.

RTF means ready to fly. These are the most complete kits that require very minor assembly skills. Usually you can start flying 15 minutes from opening the box. All you would have to do is attach the wings, charge the battery pack and start flying.

How To Get Started

1. Choose an ARF or even better, a RTF rc plane.
2. Pick a manufacturer. Some of the best are GWS, HobbyZone and Megatech.
3. Buy your rc plane from a local hobby shop or online rc store.
4. Find a local club that has a good flight field.
5. If possible, get flying lessons from a trained instructor.

Buying RC Planes

The best place to buy an rc plane is your local hobby shop (LHS). They can provide you hands on help and if they are good, they will have spare parts for the model you are buying.

If you are far away from a good hobby shop, try buying from an online rc hobby shop. You simply choose a model from their website, add these item to the shopping cart and pay via a credit card. Your plane will then be delivered straight to your home. Easy and convenient way to shop.

Here is a link to a list of recommended online hobby shops. And for more stores and companies, links are below:

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